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The Trimaran RelationShip has set out for a voyage in the Atlantic!

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7 September 1999 The trimaran is at the moment in Santa Cruz de la Palma. It will be there until the negotiations with potential sponsors and a new escort ship will be successful.
22 July 1999 At 11:30 CET The RelationShip arrived to Santa Cruz de La Palma
19 July 1999 On Monday 19th July 1999, The RelationShip and Moby Dick left the port of Porto Santo, and proceeded towards the Canary Islands heading for Santa Crus de la Palma.
The weather is good. Wind is about 2B, so the trip may takes 3-5 days. In Porto Santo The RelationShip had "small inspection". The crew exchanged filters in generators and the lamps in navigation lights. "Big inspection" will be proceed in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Some pictures from Porto Santo

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8 July 1999 On Thursday morning one of electric elements in steering system had the demage. So the route of the RealationShip was changed. The new destination port will be Porto Santo on Madeira Island.


7 July 1999 The position of the trimaran Relationship on 07.07.1999 at 16.00 CET:

33 st. N / 15 st. W


30 June 1999 The position of the trimaran Relationship on 30.06.1999 at 19.30 CET:

41 st. N / 10 st. W


29 June 1999 On Tuesday, 29 June 1999 at 19.15 the trimaran RelationShip left the port of Bayona, Spain, and proceeded towards the Canary Islands heading for Santa Cruz de la Palma assisted by the catamaran Moby Dick. This is the first leg of a 1,000 nautical miles (Nm) voyage in the Atlantic Ocean. Katamaran "Moby Dick"

The trimaran was steered by Volker Moehlmann of the Moby Dick crew and 20 Nm from the shore started its unmanned voyage.

RelationShip will be sailing by itself within a belt approx. 30 Nm. Following the planned route, the craft will be adjusting its course and speed to current weather conditions.

The scheduled date of calling at Santa Cruz de la Palma: 6/7 July 19999.






8 July 1998 Before entering to port of Rotterdam... and Marina Boulogne-sur-Mer...

more information and pictures... (german version)

4-6 July 1998 Port of Ijmuiden...

more information and pictures... (german version)

29 June 1998 Trimaran started first test trip from Wilhelmshaven to Lisbon.

6 May 1998
at 11:30 o'clock   in room 212 at 1 Waly Chrobrego a presentation of RelationShip project with Rector of F.H. Furtwanget - Prof. Walter Zahradnik.
5 March 1998
at 12 o'clock noon in room 212 at 1 Waly Chrobrego a Scientific Seminar of the Institute of Sea Navigation (Szczecin Maritime University - WSM). The seminar will focus on the RelationShip project.
3 March 1998
  • Rzeczpospolita daily includes a short article in the Nauka i Technika section
  • The Team Work on air in Polish Radio Szczecin
23 February 1998
  • WWW service covering the RelationShip project on the Szczecin Maritime University server
  • Kurier Szczeciński's Anna Pawlowska writes about the participation of the Szczecin Maritime University team working on teh RelationShip project.



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