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A voyage of an unmanned trimaran

The Szczecin Maritime University (WSM) has participated in an interdisciplinary project called RelationShip. Initiated and executed by The University of Applied Sciences FH of Furtwangen (Germany), the project originally aimed at a circumnavigation round the world carried out by a remote-controlled unmanned trimaran. The WSM team prepared the trimaran?s route accounting for navigational, hydro-meteorological and stability aspects.

For organisational and technical reasons the German party had to postpone the project implementation. Once the trimaran?s status had been defined, it turned out necessary to obtain a number of passage permissions. The organisers were obliged to provide for permanent escort of a manned craft in both coastal and deep-sea areas. This requirement imposed by the German Ministry of Transport follows IMO regulations and recommendations from WSM specialists.

Taking into account the original route designed by the WSM team for the round-the-world voyage, a new shorter route was prepared to cover the Atlantic ocean waters. The route and ports of call are presented on the map below.

rsroute.gif (22174 bytes)

Thanks to the project ? via Internet ? dreams of thousands of people will come true: a voyage around the world across the seas and oceans.

The site of Maritime University of Szczecin devoted to the RelationShip Project presented earlier route plans prepared by the Szczecin?s WSM team. Current information on the trimaran may be found in our info service under News where a link is available to the page showing on-line data the trimaran.


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